The Best Compendium Ever Since

Management Consulting. A Guide To The Profession. Fourth Edition. Edited by Milan Kubr. International Labour Office Geneva

Talking about a dictionary focussing on a whole professional range it would be wise to be cautious. Normally the approach is too full mouthed because the complexity of a serious profession extends to more than a book. Talking about the business of Management Consulting one ought to be even more careful than in other cases. The discipline of Management Consulting reaches back to the antique times when coaches told kings and tyrants how to optimize their business of ruling. Nevertheless it is desirable to have an overview on complex tools, methods and instruments which have a validity of different ages and organizations.

The Guide To A Profession of Management Consulting on behalf of the International Labour Office of ILO in Geneva now rule the market of these questions with an outstanding quality. For almost four decades the compendium has been a useful support for all who are in the business. Despite of the different degree of professionalism the book manages to scope the different necessities of support and gives a sharp prospect of different approaches.

Starting with the Management Consulting in perspective and touching essential chapters like the consultant-client relationship, it continues with the process of Consulting and the various areas of Consulting and it ends with the question how to develop Management Consultants themselves and the Consulting Profession. Each chapter has a range of essential tools, practical questions and an excellent summary. There is no dogmatism at all and the editor Milan Kubr had an eye on the didactical strength without appearing pedagogical in a disturbing way.

The genesis of this book has to be seen in the many challenging projects of international labour research all over the world for decades. There is not one shape of work organization overseen or a level of productivity excluded. And although the reader is facing almost thousand pages he will never get the impression to be confronted with a not manageable complexity. The content of the reader is measured by a deep understanding of the many small practical questions which are woven into a broad structure of understanding. One can learn that there is no miracle and no witchcraft in this serious profession. Anyone can learn where the charlatans are selling their illusions.

Who is involved in Management Consulting ought to have the knowledge of the existence of this book. Further he should know what it is about. Otherwise he will not have a sustainable chance in the business.