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A Spot of Hell on the Island of Gods

Kathryn Bonella. Hotel K: The Shocking Inside Story of Bali´s Most Notorious Jail

During her investigations and interviews with an Australian inmate of Keborokan jail in Bali, the Australian journalist and writer Kathryn Bonella became aware of the fascinating and shocking circumstances within the jail of Bali. Firstly talking to the Australian citizen Schapelle, accused of the illegal possession of ganja and convicted to a sentence of 20 years, Kathryn Bonella visited the Keborokan jail countless times and was witness of incredible customs. After writing No More Tomorrows, telling the sad and devastating story of the young woman Schapelle, she now released the journalistic well designed story of Hotel K.

For all visiting the island of Bali first impressions have the strength to last the whole range of stay: One of the most unique vegetations on earth, reminding the imagination of a would be paradise, beautiful and friendly people, neither loosing patience nor forgetting civilized respect, an art of cooking, deserving the attribute of divine and the beauty of nature, colourful as the brightest painting of a dreaming first class artist. All these pictures will vanish as soon as the visitor is ignoring the announcements made visible in the premises of immigration, informing that the possession of drugs will have serious consequences up to death penalty.

Bonella interviewed many of the inmates of Hotel K., beside some poor local wretches a respectable amount of westerners, all victims of their own greed and misbehaviour or framed up by Balinese who wanted to get rid of debts. We learn that especially westerners are identified as sources of money. The corrupt juristic system relies on bribe and brutality. There is not a hint of justice in this prison, the unbound forces of power and greed are ruling in the most untamed manner.

We see the atrocities in every detail, from molested and violated women to men beaten with iron bars, we see blackmailing and bribing, we see drug abuse and murder, we witness the catastrophic hygienic conditions and the different shapes of organized crime.

The big local syndicates like the Bali Nine and Laskar are dictating the conditions within this god forsaken jail and the foreigner gets an idea of the dark side of this divine island. We are facing the post colonial and still working system of corruption, still alive despite the approach of the ruling president to tackle this deadly disease. And we are able to get a glimpse of the cynical attitude of the Islamic driven Bali bombers, who spend their time in Hotel K. before being deported to Nusakambangan, where they were liquidated.

Take the book as a necessary medicine against the overwhelming impression of being in paradise. Hell is waiting just a few steps apart.